Sheriff's Volunteer Reservist Program

Primary Purpose:

As trained volunteers, reservists will accompany deputies and under their supervision, provide assistance with: responding to calls for service, taking appropriate enforcement actions, patrolling throughout the county to: detect and deter; crimes against persons and property; traffic violators; disturbances of the peace; perform security duties as directed; transport prisoners including violent, combative, non-compliant, intoxicated, and mentally disturbed persons. Conduct criminal investigations, serve criminal arrest warrants, serve civil papers.

Essential Duties: (The following is a listing of examples of responsibilities of this position and is not intended to be a complete listing)

Assisting deputies and under their supervision, respond to citizen requests, complaints or emergencies including crimes in progress. Patrol roadways within Grand Forks County to observe and take appropriate action against traffic violators, wanted vehicles, stranded motorists, hazardous conditions, and other irregularities. Negotiate with individuals who are potentially deficient or addicted, apprehend as needed and transport to private or public institutions.

Conduct traffic stops, issue traffic citations, and arrest violators. Serve as a deterrent to criminal acts by presence in the area.

Assist in criminal investigations, enforce criminal and traffic laws, and civil process laws, and policies and procedures. Prepare sketches and/or take pictures of crime scenes, accidents, victims and suspects. Process and verify warrants including personal contact, arrests and court appearances. Prepare affidavits of probable cause for the State’s Attorney. Testify in court.

Update electronic/manual criminal information filing systems as needed. Query, research and evaluate information from databases and access various computerized systems.

Respond to civil complaints. Assist complainants, assist in the initiation of investigations and protect the crime scenes. Deliver civil papers and executions.

Manage and protect crash and accident scenes and render first aid assistance. May take photographs, make measurements, obtain statements and gather evidence to determine the circumstances causing crashes.

Prepare detailed reports on arrests, accidents and other complaints.

Serve civil process papers in accordance with Rules of Court and of Civil Procedures, document service.

Provide police security in various situations. Conduct security patrols of business establishments after hours and temporarily vacated residences. Provide courthouse, courtroom security as directed. Assist in crowd control at special events and quelling civil disturbances.

Transport inmates and mental health patients to and from court, jail, institutions and other facilities.

Answer requests for information and promote positive police community relations.

Perform other duties as assigned or apparent.

Marginal Functions (Incidental Job Duties):

Answer and route telephone calls, operate office equipment, and maintain department vehicles.

Education and Experience Required:

Completion of a minimum of a High School diploma or GED. Must maintain a North Dakota driver’s license. Ongoing training and education required.

Physical Demands:

Physical requirements and environment for this position are similar to that expected in a typical to administrative and law enforcement settings, sitting, standing, eye-hand coordination, potential use of firearms, ability to move persons and work in a variety of scenes, working in a squad car, operating traffic radar, in-car digital video recorder, mobile data computer equipment, and dealing with stress, lifting at times up to 100+ pounds, more commonly to 20-50 pounds. Incumbent is likely to be exposed to various types of weather conditions.

Disagreeable Conditions:

Ability to work under occasionally unsafe and uncomfortable conditions where exposure to environmental factors such as temperature variations, odors, toxic agents, violence, death, noise, vibrations, wetness, machinery, disease and/or dust can cause discomfort and where there is a risk of injury or death.

Subject to various shift assignments, 24/7 and emergency call out.

Hazards: Often subject to enclosed environment over extended periods of time, and may be exposed to individuals or groups who are armed and dangerous, and to interactions in unstable environments.

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